The time for change is now.

This proposed legislation represents the way forward.


Our Mission:

  • Serve the child’s need for family.
  • Establish the child’s right to family as a fundamental human right.
  • Combat the policies that deny children families: 

- Policies treating children as the property of nations and of birth parents.

- Policies shutting down international adoption and other opportunities for family.

We Believe:

  • Children need permanent loving parents to survive and thrive.
  • Children need those parents early in life to avoid irreparable damage.
  • Children have a right to a family as citizens of our global community.

As a broad coalition of child human rights experts and organizations, we advocate for children’s most fundamental need, and most basic human right: to grow up in loving, nurturing families, with committed parents capable of providing unconditional love on an ongoing basis.

Children’s right to parenting is perhaps their most fundamental right, short of their right to life itself.”
— Elizabeth Bartholet, Professor of Law and Faculty Director of the Child Advocacy Program at Harvard Law School.