Tips for writing a Letter to the Editor and Proposed Op-Eds for your newspaper

Letters to the Editor and Op-Eds are great ways to educate your community and to get your Congressional Representative’s attention.

Be sure to:

  • Make it local: Show how this globally important topic is important to the people in your community, or future members of your community.
  • Make it personal: Your own stories and anecdotes are most powerful.
  • Word count: Check with the publication about its word limit for both Letters to the Editor and Op-Eds. Over-long pieces will not be considered.
  • Make it error-free: Watch your spelling and grammar.

Key Points for Your Letter to the Editor

In addition to your own stories and anecdotes, which are essential, below are some other points to raise in your Letter to the Editor

·      Many children worldwide live without parents, with some 10-14 million institutionalized. And this number is growing. The plight of these unparented children is the largest unrecognized human rights crisis of the 21st century.

·      Right now, international adoption provides one of the best and, often, the only solution for unparented children. Children need true parents and the nurturing they provide to grow up to enjoy fulfilling lives. Adoption gives children the permanent, nurturing, and legally stable parents that are essential.

·      Many countries, however, impose severe restrictions on or altogether prohibit international adoption. This deliberately denies many thousands of children per year the possibility of growing up with loving parents.

·      Research demonstrates overwhelmingly that adoption, including international adoption, works well for children. Those adopted early in life do as well on average as children raised in non-problematic biological families. These positive findings are true for all groups of adoptees, including those adopted internationally and transracially.

·      I urge [Senator Y, Representative X] to support S.1177 and H.R.264, requiring the Department of State to revise its practices so that its Annual Country Reports on Human Rights Practices includes, rather than systematically omits, violations of unparented children’s rights, including but not limited to the unnecessary holding of children in institutions and related denial of timely access to domestic and international adoption.



Sample Op-Eds:

The following are Op-Eds expressing support for the predecessor to this Human Rights Legislation: